Vietnam Army Captain Craig Forrest returned home after two dangerous tours, studied law and started a career as a Deputy DA.  He suffers frustration every time a bad guy slips Justice.  Forrest convinces three veteran pals to join him in solving part of the problem.  Every few months they kidnap a felon, release him in the high desert, hunt and kill him, and dump his naked body in the abandoned Bad Boy Mine.

When off-road desert motorcyclists stop for a smoke break, they smell something rotten and spot circling vultures.  Their search takes them to the Bad Boy Mine’s vertical air shaft.  Deputy Sheriff Michael Hunt investigates, finds a fresh corpse and fourteen skeletons.  He identifies a few of them and concludes somebody is murdering felons and dumping their bodies. His partner, his captain, and his fellow officers tell him he should leave the “good garbagemen” alone.

Forrest monitors Hunt’s efforts, and he and his pals are confident they plan so carefully they will never be caught.  They continue their sport while Hunt finds he can trust no one as he struggles with the difficult case. His life is further complicated by a divorce, the death of a favorite uncle, and the romantic attentions of a fellow law student.

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