How bad can the US economy get?

A few years from now, when diesel fuel hits $10 per gallon, the Teamsters Union declares a nationwide strike. The independents eagerly join them. Within 48 hours angry citizens empty market shelves and gasoline station tanks.  Armed gangs terrorize neighborhoods and stalk streets and highways seeking food, fuel, and booty.

Red Rider leads a half dozen Satan’s Servants outlaw bikers into the rural Bumblebee River Valley where they murder an elderly couple and loot their small farm.  When they enter Greenhorn Gulch with similar motives, Michael Hunt, on guard behind a locked gate, turns them away with a rifle bullet.

Hunt and his friends saw hard times coming and prepared by stockpiling food and commodities such as cigarettes, whiskey, weapons, and ammunition. They garden and raise cattle, sheep, and chickens. When the valley folk establish a weekly barter, the Hunts help their neighbors.

Doctor Jason Hunt, M.D., travels north to visit his father and finds his trip filled with trouble.

One biker, an Army Reserve soldier called early to summer duty, helps the gang steal military weapons. They plan a return trip to Greenhorn Gulch. Officious Homeland Security Agent Cecil Worthington, rebuffed by Hunt in his search for illegal weapons, secures two squads for soldiers for his return visit.

Michael and his family and friends must stand and defend their lives and properties against armed invaders both outlaw and legal.

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