Did you and your buddies wear olive drab on your senior trip?  Did you go to a foreign country, meet many strange new people, and try to kill them all?

In the middle 60s the Selective Service drafts 3000 men per month into the military.  Most are trained and sent to fight in Vietnam.
Michael Hunt and David Talbert, buddies since kindergarten, get drafted and go to Fort Lewis for Basic Combat Training. They barely survive the Army’s meanest drill sergeant.

Fate smiles on Mike and Dave and, instead of Vietnam, sends the newly trained medical corpsmen to the 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, in Schweinfurt, West Germany. They plan to enjoy good beer and safe duty, but they soon find themselves in a private war with their gung ho platoon sergeant. The lifer NCO hates draftees and enjoys making them miserable. Mike and Dave employ different tactics to survive, and both wonder if they will avoid serious discipline and make it back to The World with their sanity intact.

Civilians will find the draftees’ adventures amusing; veterans will recognize truth and relive embarrassment, discomfort, and humor.

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