Steven Reynolds and Linda Coleman work a scam for $1.6 million in cash. The day before private investigator Dan Ballantine causes Reynolds’ arrest, Coleman drugs her partner and absconds with the cash.  She stops in Las Vegas, buys a new identity, stashes the cash, and meets a handsome and wealthy cattle rancher, Max Tucker.

Two years later Coleman is still on Tucker’s ranch as his captive.  Max abuses her physically and sexually, and Coleman’s attempts to escape have failed.  With the help of her one friend, she sends a cry for help to Reynolds.

Coleman’s former partner has completed a year and a half in federal prison and is working in Boise where he must stay as a condition of his parole.  Reynolds contacts Ballantine, shows him Coleman’s letter, and offers him half of whatever money he can recover if he rescues Coleman.

Ballantine goes to Tucson, learns Tucker is a criminal, and formulates a plan to save Coleman and recover the money.  But he needs help…from the FBI.

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