Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and Ted Turner enjoy life insurance policies in excess of $25 million purchased by their corporations as an executive perk.

When three other famous and wealthy men with similar policies from the Jupiter-Saturn Insurance Corporation are murdered by a killer who gets up close and personal and uses unusual weapons, private investigator Dan Ballantine gets a call from Ed Logan and a request to investigate.

Ballantine visits the kill sites, reviews the police reports, and advises Logan the murders are so ‘clean’ he doubts the killer will be identified, captured, or prosecuted.

Logan hires Ballantine to visit the insurance company’s Los Angeles headquarters, and, with the help of an attractive computer geek, Pearl the Girl, to search for an employee who must have leaked the rich victims’ identities to the killer. Ballantine also reviews bad faith lawsuits filed against the insurance company.

While Ballantine works, the killer strikes again in San Jose and the Napa Valley.

When Pearl the Girl and Ballantine find the data entry clerk who sold the list, they conclude the next victim will be Nevada Supreme Court Justice John Blair. Ballantine goes to Carson City to search for the perfect killer.

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