Heather Wright smashes her brain on a pointed rock that stops her fall from the Devil’s Postpile National Monument near Mammoth Lakes, California.  A Park Ranger questions witnesses and all agree Heather’s husband, Tom Wright, was nowhere near her before her fall.

Tom, an out-of-work electrician, chooses a monthly annuity payment instead of a lump sum on Heather’s $2 million life insurance policy. He buys a small motorhome and travels the west with his dog, Coco, visiting tourist attractions. He stops often to fish.

Heather’s sister, Diane, advises the insurance company she has proof Tom pushed Heather to her death. Private Investigator Dan Ballantine visits Diane, finds her evidence weak, but decides to question Tom. He locates the accused husband in a June Lake RV resort and the men catch trout and eat together.

Tom and Dan get acquainted and are soon camping, fishing, motorcycling, and shooting together.

Dan likes Tom, but he decides he must find a way to prove the man’s innocence or guilt.

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