Nick, Bob, and John were born within days of each other and grew up on the same street. They went to the same schools, played on the same teams, were Cub and Boy Scouts together, enjoyed a lawn mowing business, rode bicycles and motorcycles together, and, upon graduation from high school, worked together at the same auto assembly plant until General Motors and Toyota closed it in August, 2009.

Nick tried marriage once, but didn’t like it and soon moved back into Bob and John’s apartment. The three rode their Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the Sturgis rally every year. They often fished the Pacific between Tomales and Bodega Bays in Bob’s boat until a sneaky storm capsized it. Bob and John made it to shore at Dillon Beach, but an Irish setter found Nick’s shark-chewed forearm and hand at Sand Point the following Saturday.

Nick had purchased $3 million in life insurance two months before he died. Bob and John each receive $3000 per month in benefits from his policy. The insurance company hires private investigator Dan Ballantine to prove Bob and John murdered Nick.

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