On Jeff Sanford’s 21st birthday, his Sigma Pi fraternity brother, Tyler Thompson, offers to buy the first round at Sacramento’s Overtime Sports Bar. Four other brothers join them in the celebration.

Several beers later a group of rowdy young men are beating the fraternity brothers at a pool table. When hard words are exchanged after a close game, several fist fights erupt.

While the bartender calls the police, Jeff Sanford strikes Joshua Goldman with his pool cue. Goldman drops unconscious, and most patrons hurry toward the parking lot. The fraternity brothers remain.

Goldman dies in the ambulance. Sanford later pleads guilty to manslaughter for eleven years in Folsom Prison. He is released after serving five years, and, two weeks later he is found dead. A small caliber bullet passed through his right eye and scrambled his brain.

When Sanford’s murder cannot be solved, his sister, Kyra Simmons, asks her friend, private investigator Dan Ballantine, for help.

Tyler Thompson is found murdered before Ballantine talks to his Sacramento homicide detective pal, Sergeant ‘Harker’ Smith. When another former Sigma Pi is found dead in Southern California, Ballantine concludes the murderer has three more Sigma Pis to kill. He hits the road warn them and determine if they have information which might help him identify the killer.

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