Victoria Voeght, a naive seventeen-year-old raised by a wealthy widower, moves into a sorority house near USC and attends her first mixer at a pre-law fraternity.  Friendly senior Phil Carter gives her can of cola laced with Rohypnol and chats with her until she fades from consciousness.  He eases her to his bedroom, sexually assaults her, then makes her available to several of his fraternity brothers.

Victoria is discovered bleeding and unconscious on the sorority porch.  After an emergency hysterectomy and eight years of intense psychotherapy, she acts on the philosophy:  Never hold a grudge.  Just get even.  Through revenge one may learn to forgive.

Phil Carter and many of his fraternity brothers are attorneys with a Newport Beach law firm.  When Carter is found dead after bleeding to death following penile amputation, Homicide Detective Terrence Pike calls the firm’s chief investigator, Frank Gooch, his former mentor, to assist in the investigation.  Harvey Garrison and Roger Zweig follow Carter in death without their penises.

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