FEBRUARY, 1995:  Arizona state employee Terry Buchanan discovers a military militia group about to set off a large explosive in the desert north of Wickenburg.  They murder him.

MARCH, 1995:  The Major and the First Sergeant visit a Northern California militia group at a remote mountain cabin.  While the others shoot, the First Sergeant monitors law enforcement radio transmissions.  When he learns a deputy sheriff is headed toward them, the men leave, but the retired soldiers return and place a timed explosive device in the cabin. The bomb puts Deputy Sheriff Jerry Sampson in a coma.

APRIL 19, 1995:  Timothy McVeigh detonates a bomb in a rental truck parked outside the Murrah federal building in downtown Oklahoma City.  168 people die in the blast.

After the Murrah horror, the FBI investigates all prior unexplained explosions.  Agent Bradley Gunn contacts California Fish and Game Warden Ethan Cooper and describes the FBI’s theory the militia group responsible for the Murrah Building plans to strike again in Phoenix.  The FBI wants Cooper, a native of the Phoenix area, to go there and infiltrate the militia group.

The FBI provides him with a fictional history and assigns attractive female agent, Donna McFarlane, to pose as his wife.

Cooper meets a militia member known as The Specialist and soon finds himself assisting in an armored truck robbery outside a Laughlin, Nevada, casino.  Cooper is forced to shoot a guard.

OCTOBER 16, 1995:  Cooper helps the militia derail Amtrak’s Sunset Limited in the Arizona desert near Hyder.

DECEMBER 21, 1995:  The militia destroys Phoenix.

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