THE HORSE KILLER finds Dan Ballantine and his friend, Horatio, riding their dual purpose motorcycles on unpaved Buffalo Meadows Road in northwestern Nevada. They hope to spot wild mustangs known to roam the sparsely populated area.

When a sniper-fired bullet tears through Horatio’s seat, the riders take cover behind a large boulder. Bullets continue to pepper the rock until the shooter takes time to reload. Dan and Horatio take advantage of the lull and race back the way they came.

When Dan returns the next day and finds a dead stallion nearby, he searches for the shooter.

Five men play poker in a desert hideaway in THE FOURS AND WHORES WILD POKER CLUB MURDERS. A killer with a pair of Glocks steps into the doorway of the players’ stone hut and murders all five of them. When the Sheriff’s detectives exhaust all clues, Dan Ballantine is convinced to seek the $400,000 reward posted by the victims’ estates.

Dan boondocks at his favorite hot spring and is awakened during the night by A ROCK (dropping) IN THE BUCKET outside his travel trailer door. Convinced armed men seek to entice him outside, he loads his shotgun, leaves his trailer by a secret exit, and, under the cover of a moonless night, he circles around behind the ambushers.

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