On an interstate highway vehicles collect in line behind a left lane bandit who refuses to move over between the trucks and let them by. One angry follower tails the bandit to his destination, blocks him in his car, sits in his front passenger seat, and pushes a snub-nosed .38 into his chest. He orders the bandit to call the first name on his phone list and say, ‘I will never impede traffic again.’ When the frightened driver completes this task, the gunman fires two bullets into his chest.

Sacramento Police Homicide Detective Sergeant ‘Harker’ Smith and his rookie partner visit the murder scene. They find no significant clues.

A man takes twenty-three items and writes a check beneath signs reading ‘15 Items Only’ and ‘Cash Only’ in a market. He delays those behind him including a man who follows him to his car in the parking lot and shoots him twice.

A third victim repeatedly accepts calls on his cell phone during a movie. He does not stop talking and texting until the manager threatens to eject him. A few mornings later, while sitting on a park bench, the gunman sits next to him and orders the man to text ‘I will never text during another movie.’ to his daughter before he murders him.

The local media report a serial killer on the loose in Sacramento. They describe his victims as men who had offended him. Citizens are urged to be nice to each other.

Detective Smith visits each murder scene, but many men die before a thin clue appears. By then the murderer has sold his house and made plans to leave California forever.

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