Braxton Lee Bragg and Scarlett Longstreet Bragg placed their two-year-old son, Davey, in the Livingston Residential School for Severely Autistic Children when their marriage died. Lieutenant Braxton, US Army, had a career going, and Scarlett did not want a child that God had cursed.

Mildred Longstreet, a woman of wealth and Southern status, soon moved to Reno to be near her grandchild. She visited him twice each week, and she sent Scarlett a first class round-trip plane ticket to visit Davey on his birthday each year.

Braxton visited his son whenever his army travels took him close to Reno. He was the only adult Davey responded to in a positive manner. The boy saluted his father.

The day before his twelfth birthday, while Scarlett was in an airliner somewhere between Savannah and Reno, Bragg, wearing a major’s uniform, visited his son. When he told a security guard Davey wanted to see his new car, the guard said, “Okay. I‘ll come with you.”

Bragg sucker-punched the guard, took his weapon, placed Davey in his car, and disappeared.

Five weeks later law enforcement including the FBI have concluded Bragg and Davey were off the grid and would be gone as long as the former Ranger, Green Beret, Special Forces soldier wanted to be gone.

Mildred’s neighbor, Horatio, tells her of Dan Ballantine whose son is a resident student at the Livingston School. He tells her Dan has found men that did not want to be found.

Though they fear no chance of success, Dan and Horatio take Mildred’s money and search for Davey.

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