Private investigator Dan Ballantine found life insurance fraud in his last case and caused a man who helped murder a young woman go to prison for the rest of his life. Malachi, a suspected co-conspirator in that murder, got away clean.

Just before Ballantine left Utah, Robert Kroll, wife-beater and all-around jerk, died an accidental death while cleaning a machine in a meat packing plant. His attractive wife, Trisha, is the beneficiary of Robert’s million dollar life insurance policy.

But Trisha bought the policy just three short months before Robert’s death. And she paid a grand total of $200 in premiums. The insurance company does not like those numbers and sends Dan Ballantine to Albany, Oregon, to ask a few questions.

Malachi hates failure and wants revenge. He learns about Ballantine’s new case and flies to Portland. He knows the investigator is a full-time RVer who likes to fish. He buys weapons, a used Class B motorhome, and he begins a methodical search of the RV resorts around Albany. When he spots Ballantine’s fifth-wheel travel trailer in a resort near Foster Lake, he rents a space and waits for the investigator to return to camp.

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